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The tools that you need to invest efficiently with your portfolio

Think about that you have a portfolio. Fine, you have organised your financial target into a structured composition of stocks, bonds or any asset that agrees your investor profile. However, you are a motivated investor and have interest in monitoring, improving, analysing… and you do not find the right tools to do it.

What kind of tools do you need? First of all, you need a platform that lets you easily create your portfolio with simple steps and implement your assets from your own Excel file or directly on the system. It is important that you can select properly your profile since the very beginning.

T-Advisor tools: screen to create your portfolio

Once you have created your portfolio and included the assets, you need to monitor and analyse it. It is not only about different timeframes for performance or volatility, but also an analysis of the diversification and the risks. As investor, you should take into account that one of the main goals is capital preservation. This means that a right investment strategy should outperform the benchmark in bull periods and have substantially less losses in bear periods. Diversification benefit, which assets contribute more to risk or a comparison with the composite benchmark (or smart benchmark, as it is denominated in T-Advisor) are useful tools for it.

T-Advisor risk analysis screen

This analysis should also include a graphical analysis of the allocation to understand the risk concentration in different concepts.

T-Advisor asset allocation analysis

And finally, what refers to analysis and monitoring, you should have access to a kind of scoring to perceive the quality of your portfolio and some suggestions to improve it.

T-Advisor scoring and suggestions screen

In the case of you perceive that your portfolio needs an improvement, your platform should include a tool to analyse where the troubles come from and optimise the results. The optimisation has to propose an efficient frontier for the portfolio allocation and a proposal of what changes you should implement.

T-Advisor optimiser tool

Efficient frontier optimisation in T-Advisor

And, last but not least, you need an alert system to react when there are deep movements in the markets that affect your portfolio. Your platform should also provide you a system to set the alerts depending your own needs.

Alerts setting in T-Advisor

T-Advisor is your alternative to create, monitor, optimise and modify efficiently your portfolio in a self-directed way. There are many platforms, but they usually have less tools or under payment. You can choose T-Advisor for free to feel the investment experience and control your finances on your own.

T-Advisor tools: a suite for investment success

T-Advisor investment tools

Investors are always worried about how to manage their assets to obtain the best results to achieve their financial goals. T-Advisor is the suite that fits to do it. We have been writing for six months about some of our tools. What are they?

First of all, T-Advisor is a suite focused in portfolio management. A portfolio has many advantages, as it lets the investor allocate different assets, organize its goals and rely on a passive style. After creating the portfolio, T-Advisor offers some tools to improve the management and the results:

  • Smart benchmark: It mixes the different indexes benchmarks in the proportion you have in the portfolio and obtains a composite benchmark. Very useful to know if you are on track.
  • Portfolio score: A personal reference that reports about the quality of our investments related to some measures, as risks, performance, diversification and trend.
  • Value at risk and diversification benefit: an investor has to be always aware about the risk of losing. Value a risk defines the probability of losing money in a period and diversification benefits measures the risk difference between having or not a diversified portfolio.
  • Optimizer: a tool to adjust the investment goals and discover the assets to change to get that aim.
  • Alerts: our tool warns about different situations for our assets, as stop-loss or trend change.

In T-Advisor, we think that information and figures are the main resources for investors, but this data without processing are not useful. T-Advisor organizes these resources to help the investor take decisions.

Another main strong points in T-Advisor have to do with resources that help the investor find new opportunities:

  • Investment alternatives: T-Advisor has three ways to find new chances to improve investors’ results: the T-Report, the investment ideas tool and the investment opportunities warnings. T-Advisor also reports about the dates for the maximum benefit and the 5%-10%-15% targets, always with the reference of the system entry price.
  • Model portfolios: our system has 9 different model portfolios depending the markets or the investor profile, which are reviewed and rebalanced every two months.

Finally, T-Advisor has also a special development for financial advisors and for professional uses. The main strength is the financial planning tool for their customers.

Is this the end? Absolutely. T-Advisor has still more tools and functionalities to discover their users. We will continue showing them.