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Screener: the comprehensive asset search engine

Screenshot from T-Advisor Screener

One of the most tiresome activities for an investor is how to get a good search engine to find assets. All are limited, because they do not filter what we would like or provide only some figures. Of course, there are full products, but the price is only acceptable for companies or fund managers.

T-Advisor has developed the right tool: the Screener. This is a search engine to find all kind of assets except commodities and derivatives. There are several possibilities to find the asset you wish:

  • Name
  • Asset type: ETF, funds, stocks, bonds, indexes, cash and currencies
  • Market: up to 60 worldwide
  • Managers: up to 140 worldwide
  • Currency: the 35 most important and traded
  • Asset class: up to 18 different ones

Some other possibilities to sort are:

  • Our score: to find de best quality assets to invest
  • Performance: for different timeframes
  • Volatility: for 1 year
  • VaR: 95% for 1 year
  • Price range: with a minimum and maximum price.

Once you screen, you obtain a great deal of figures to analyse the assets. Apart from the common summary, with the closing price, the change and our score, you have separated tabs to watch the performance for different timeframes in a row, figures related to the asset risk (VaR, volatility and maximum drawdown) and trend signals charts. You can rank all categories from the highest and upside down. You can also click on every asset to obtain the T-Report, our in-depth report of every security in our platform.

We live in a world full of information, but it is useless, when it has no order or we cannot find what we need. The Screener is the solution for smart investors who bet for a self-directed model: an easy-to-use and quick search engine to find the assets you are looking for. The price: free. Why should investors pay for good relevant information to create their own portfolios?

Don’t miss the new improvements in T-Advisor!

T-Advisor, the self-directed platform for smart investors, is always evolving to improve its features for a better service. Our last upload has included several details to enjoy more the investment experience. Let’s discover them!

My targets

The new button in the module “My investments” is our investment planner. You will be able to save your plans while creating your portfolios to achieve the goals.

Invesment planner integrated in T-Advisor

New comparisons for your portfolios

Compare them with the smart benchmark and other benchmarks of different markets.

New improvements in T-Advisor: several benchmarks

You can also compare your portfolios and also with others that you follow. Returns, risks, positions, asset class distribution and gamification features are comparable with this tool. It will help you learn what is working and failing taken into account other portfolios.

Tool to compare portfolios in T-Advisor

New ways to find good investment ideas

We have developed a “top score” tool in the “My Reseach” module. You can select four different top stocks (Europe, Asia, USA and Latam) and two different top funds (fixed-income and equity).

Top score tool in T-Advisor

If you prefer, you have a full search machine in “Screener”. Look for new securities for your portfolio selecting the type of asset, market, manager, currency and asset class. You can also select a score range for your search.

Screnner in T-Advisor

With the Screener, you can add directly an asset in your portfolios, compare securities or use the optimiser tool.

We become more social

Do you want to know who are the best investors in T-Advisor? Or the best performing portfolios? You can learn it just with a click on the button “Ranking” in the topside of your screen.

Users ranking in T-Advisor

T-Advisor wants to become your platform for your investments. We know what individuals demand and add solutions progressively in our system. At the end, you feel continuously that you manage your portfolios with professional tools, but we have made it easier and more accessible. Feel the investment experience with T-Advisor!