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World global trends: markets in April

The main point to take into account in the market evolution in April has to do with the US. If we compare the figures with last month, the country trend changed from 40% to 25%. That was a drop! Such decrease is related to the economic outlook in the (still, but probably for short time) first world economy.

Global Trends april in T-Advisor

If we take a look at the chart in the American market, there is a downward line at the beginning of the month. March employment data published in those days warned investors about the recovery, because they were far from expectations.

US Global trends in april T-Advisor

These figures were confirmed by the GDP published at the end of April, the weakest in three years. Under these conditions, Fed Chairwoman Yellen and the FOMC were cautious in the statement on 30th. A rate increase has been delayed.

On the other side of the Atlantic, European markets are still weak, partly because of the contradictory statements from ECB chairman and its members. Although Mr. Draghi has insisted in the readiness for non-conventional measures, Germans are reluctant, despite the low inflation very far from the 2% bar.

Europe global trends in april T-Advisor

Emerging markets were also bearish. Asia suffered from the weakness of the American markets and also from some data from China. Last March, these exchanges benefit from the good expectations about the elections in Indonesia and India, but it must be waited for the results, as the process in India lasts a month and Indonesia publishes the results in some days, four weeks after the vote.

Asia global trends in april T-Advisor

Finally, the lowest point reached in February was the beginning of a recovery in LatAm markets. They registered the best position (29%) amongst all regions. The low prices in this area are moving positively the markets and some of these countries have the best positions in the T-Advisor global trends, as Argentina or Mexico.

LatAm global trends in april T-Advisor