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T-Advisor gets more social with new recommendation asset tools

A year ago, T-Advisor faced a great evolution with the 3.0 version. A user-friendly look and feel, new tools and innovations and, above all, the creation of a financial community. These breakthroughs have opened new possibilities and we have answered to them.

The exchange of ideas is one of the great demands amongst the users of every financial solution. Nobody wants to feel alone. We prefer to share our knowledge, experiences and ideas. This is the point of our recent evolution in T-Advisor 3.0. We get more social and promote the exchange of recommendations. How?

  • A new asset report with recommendation options

New asset report in T-Advisor

Don’t worry! We keep our T-Report, but we show the assets with a more attractive and easy-to-understand design. You can include the asset in your own portfolios clicking on the portfolio icon or just follow its evolution clicking on the chart icon. In addition, you can recommend buying or selling the asset.

  • Follow-up of other users’ recommendations

All your followers will receive an alert in their notification inbox when you do any bullish or bearish recommendation. In the lower modules of the asset report, you will also find the user that makes a recommendation. If you click on your user profile, you can watch all your recommendations with statistics and filters to select the information.

Recommendation module in personal user profile in T-Advisor

  • A specific tab with all recommendations

The module “Investment ideas” enlarge the contents with a tab for all recommendations made by our users. You can select buy and sell proposals and the asset category. There are two rankings: the most recommended assets and the users that recommend better.

Recommendation tab in investment ideas module in T-Advisor

Our social features in the beginning are still there: ratings for users and portfolios, users medal and score portfolio rankings, the chance of following other users, amongst others, as we already commented in former posts.

If you are already a T-Advisor user, let’s begin sharing. Recommend your favourite assets or warn about your worst selections. If you are not a user yet, we invite you to discover our community where self-directed investors are ready to share their knowledge and apply the best advance investment tools to obtain the best results. That happens only in a platform: T-Advisor!

The tools that you need to invest efficiently with your portfolio

Think about that you have a portfolio. Fine, you have organised your financial target into a structured composition of stocks, bonds or any asset that agrees your investor profile. However, you are a motivated investor and have interest in monitoring, improving, analysing… and you do not find the right tools to do it.

What kind of tools do you need? First of all, you need a platform that lets you easily create your portfolio with simple steps and implement your assets from your own Excel file or directly on the system. It is important that you can select properly your profile since the very beginning.

T-Advisor tools: screen to create your portfolio

Once you have created your portfolio and included the assets, you need to monitor and analyse it. It is not only about different timeframes for performance or volatility, but also an analysis of the diversification and the risks. As investor, you should take into account that one of the main goals is capital preservation. This means that a right investment strategy should outperform the benchmark in bull periods and have substantially less losses in bear periods. Diversification benefit, which assets contribute more to risk or a comparison with the composite benchmark (or smart benchmark, as it is denominated in T-Advisor) are useful tools for it.

T-Advisor risk analysis screen

This analysis should also include a graphical analysis of the allocation to understand the risk concentration in different concepts.

T-Advisor asset allocation analysis

And finally, what refers to analysis and monitoring, you should have access to a kind of scoring to perceive the quality of your portfolio and some suggestions to improve it.

T-Advisor scoring and suggestions screen

In the case of you perceive that your portfolio needs an improvement, your platform should include a tool to analyse where the troubles come from and optimise the results. The optimisation has to propose an efficient frontier for the portfolio allocation and a proposal of what changes you should implement.

T-Advisor optimiser tool

Efficient frontier optimisation in T-Advisor

And, last but not least, you need an alert system to react when there are deep movements in the markets that affect your portfolio. Your platform should also provide you a system to set the alerts depending your own needs.

Alerts setting in T-Advisor

T-Advisor is your alternative to create, monitor, optimise and modify efficiently your portfolio in a self-directed way. There are many platforms, but they usually have less tools or under payment. You can choose T-Advisor for free to feel the investment experience and control your finances on your own.

Don’t miss the new improvements in T-Advisor!

T-Advisor, the self-directed platform for smart investors, is always evolving to improve its features for a better service. Our last upload has included several details to enjoy more the investment experience. Let’s discover them!

My targets

The new button in the module “My investments” is our investment planner. You will be able to save your plans while creating your portfolios to achieve the goals.

Invesment planner integrated in T-Advisor

New comparisons for your portfolios

Compare them with the smart benchmark and other benchmarks of different markets.

New improvements in T-Advisor: several benchmarks

You can also compare your portfolios and also with others that you follow. Returns, risks, positions, asset class distribution and gamification features are comparable with this tool. It will help you learn what is working and failing taken into account other portfolios.

Tool to compare portfolios in T-Advisor

New ways to find good investment ideas

We have developed a “top score” tool in the “My Reseach” module. You can select four different top stocks (Europe, Asia, USA and Latam) and two different top funds (fixed-income and equity).

Top score tool in T-Advisor

If you prefer, you have a full search machine in “Screener”. Look for new securities for your portfolio selecting the type of asset, market, manager, currency and asset class. You can also select a score range for your search.

Screnner in T-Advisor

With the Screener, you can add directly an asset in your portfolios, compare securities or use the optimiser tool.

We become more social

Do you want to know who are the best investors in T-Advisor? Or the best performing portfolios? You can learn it just with a click on the button “Ranking” in the topside of your screen.

Users ranking in T-Advisor

T-Advisor wants to become your platform for your investments. We know what individuals demand and add solutions progressively in our system. At the end, you feel continuously that you manage your portfolios with professional tools, but we have made it easier and more accessible. Feel the investment experience with T-Advisor!

Market volatility: I need alerts for my portfolio!

We have experienced in the last months a high volatility in the markets. Several events (Greece, China, commodities…) have broken the upward trend after the Great Financial Crisis that exploded in 2008, when the Dow Jones lost around 40% in six months. The drop in August was hard, but not so dramatic, although it has opened a new period of instability and insecurity amongst the investors.

In these cases, investors need to avoid panic. Irrational reactions are the worst and they can be the reason of losing more money, because these decisions are driven by fear. The second step is having a tool to detect alerts and obtain accurate information about the effects in my portfolio.

T-Advisor has such tool: the Alerts Module. When you create a portfolio, you can set the automatic generation of alerts.

Portfolio settings in T-Advisor

The Alerts Module reports up to 10 different situations. Some of the most important to take investment decisions about your portfolio are related to risk, a change of trend, a stop signal and a model signal triggered. You can customize them depending on your preferences.

Alerts settings in T-Advisor

Then you receive the different information in two ways: as reports in your e-mail (if you select this option) and in the module in your T-Advisor interface.

Alerts module in T-AdvisorSpecific alert in T-Advisor

After you receive the alert, you have to assess the information and take a decision. A relevant point is how to decide a change in your portfolio. Our alerts include investment ideas to substitute securities and improve the global performance. In this case, you can rebalance your portfolio, but we recommend you to use our Optimizer tool to better decide the changes.

You can also look for another investment ideas in our Market Opportunities module, in which you can find shares and funds from around 30 exchanges around the world.

Market opportunities module in T-Advisor

To sum up, as investor, do not forget that you have to care about your money. That means that, before looking for returns, you have to fight to preserve your capital, because markets are naturally unstable. That is why you have to look for tools that help you take relevant decisions for your portfolios. You need an alert system, a tool to optimize your portfolio in critical situations and a system to find alternatives to improve your investments. T-Advisor compiles all in the same interface for free. It’s time that you act as an smart investor!


Professionals can implement T-Advisor as their customer platform

T-Advisor provides its suite of investment tools for individuals and for professionals. In the second case, an advisor or an entity obtain several extra specific features to better develop their business and offer a high-level service for their customers.

In this way, T-Advisor can be implemented as an own investment platform with their own corporate identity.

T-Advisor home as a platform for professionals

Why is this relevant for your business? First of all, you will have available for your customers a system with powerful tools to manage their portfolios. Secondly, your customers will see your brand and they do not perceive that they are monitoring their investments with T-Advisor.

T-Advisor screen as a platform for professionals

As platform users, your customers will watch all figures and data about the portfolios that you have created for them. You do not have to invest any time else to write regular reports, because T-Advisor shows the same information daily updated. Your customers will enjoy the chance to monitor their investments every time. This provides a new way for interaction, as the customer will feel safer watching their portfolios when they want and professionals can be focused in other value-added tasks instead of updating the portfolio reports.

T-Advisor screen as a platform for professionals

This is the advantage of automation in finances. T-Advisor has its platform available so that advisors and entities can find a new way to:

  • communicate with their customers,
  • reduce costs,
  • focus on value-added tasks and
  • improve the efficiency of their business.

The implementation is simple and causes no trouble or interference with their systems. Professionals also can provide the access to their customers with an easy step from their administration role.

Benefit now from implementing T-Advisor as your platform for your customers!

Managing portfolios: beat these challenges and get your medals

T-Advisor, your suite to manage your portfolios and improve your performance, has created a system to award their users, as we already commented in a former post. This system in the user profile displays several challenges to achieve. Specifically, four of the eight global achievements are related to the results of your portfolios.

If you structure your investments in portfolios, you can obtain better results, as you are providing a focus to them. Portfolios can be organized by sectors, countries, currencies… In any case, they are created to get advantages of a collection of several assets. In T-Advisor, we think that these actions have to be awarded.

Medals for portfolios in T-Advisor

You get more points and medals, if you complete more individual goals in every achievement. For instance, as you can see in the picture above, you obtain points with positive returns, but there are others, as diversification, positive trend or score. At the end, you obtain a sum of points that measure your ability to manage your investments. This ability is ranked. The more points and medals you obtain, the higher your position is.

Ranking for portfolios in T-Advisor

In fact, portfolios have their own ranking. There are also several community options. You can set your portfolios as public clicking in the portfolio profile and you can follow other users’ portfolios. Users can view the structure of the portfolio, but never the amount that you have invested. They can also see your returns as a proportion, but never the absolute quantity.

Portfolio profile in T-Advisor

At the end, what do you receive? The more medals as a user and as a portfolio manager bring you the chance to be in a higher position in the ranking, but the most important thing is that you obtain accurate marks about your ability in finances. The achievements provide you some hints to follow that every investor should always consider: good returns, good trend and wide diversification. Do you accept the T-Advisor medal challenge?

Comparing assets in T-Advisor with our tools

When an investor is looking for interesting assets for his or her portfolio, he or she usually looks into reports to find objective figures: performance, volatility, risk… This task is necessary to take a decision, as everyone has to analyze deeply where to invest the money. But other way to decide an investment is the comparison.

Think about that: you have heard that any sector is living a momentum and you begin to read reports of some companies of this sector. You would like to have a tool to see at a glance the evolution of the performance, instead of building charts by yourself: the T-Advisor tool to compare is your solution.

These are the steps: select the assets and include them in your watchlist. Just click on the star to put on your list. Then choose all the assets that you want to compare. Once you have chosen the assets to compare, click on the button “Comparison”. Watchlist in T-Advisor Let’s look an example with British banks. These are the results: Charts with the comparation in T-Advisor This chart shows the evolution of the returns of the selected assets for different timeframes: Comparation of risk and returns in T-Advisor This other chart compares the position of each asset in the relationship performance-risk.

Both views provide valuable information, as it helps obtain a global view for your interests. You have also more information if you scroll down: Comparative data in T-Advisor You can also use the tool to compare the assets in your portfolio. Select your portfolio and click on the button “Watchlist”. Choose the assets to compare and click on the button “Compare”.

You will obtain the same charts as above. For instance, let’s look the Germany portfolio in T-Advisor: List of assets in a portfolio in T-Advisor Comparative chart in T-Advisor T-Advisor has developed its tools to be a useful help for investors. We are aware that information is important, but in a world with such volume of figures and data, information has to be organized so that everyone can understand it to take their own investment decisions. That is why our developments are focused in collecting relevant data to provide them in understandable and easy ways for our users.