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Discover the new improvements in T-Advisor

T-Advisor is a suite of advanced and professional investment tools for individuals and advisors. As a technological solution, our team is always working to improve features and usability. We know that perfection is impossible to reach, but we work as it isn’t, so that our users could not find any other better solution than ours.

What are the main last improvements? Firstly, the performance chart in your portfolio. You can choose the period to compare your portfolio with the smart benchmark and you can also select another chart to see the portfolio valuation.

T-Advisor improvements: performance chart

Portfolio performance chart in T-Advisor

T-Advisor portfolio valuation chart

We have also improved our list of assets, setting categories to find the ones you are looking for. The list has deeply grown: 41 world stock indexes, more than 100 international fund managers, 20 exchanges, as also bonds, certificates and currencies.

T-Advisor asset list

We have also implemented a new module: our investment planner. We proudly announce this implementation, as we have set an easy-to-use tool: up to 7 different plans (from housing to retirement) and advanced settings to take into account inflation and tax effects. At the end, you obtain a report with a suggested allocation depending your profile and a capital projection for the selected period of investment.

T-Advisor investment planner home

T-Advisor investment planner projection

In our version for professionals, the upgrade focused in the usability to manage clients and the performance figures related to their investments.

This is not the end. T-Advisor is steadily working to develop new features and settings and include a better usability. Our aim is that our users feel totally satisfied managing their investment with us. So many tools just for 0€? Of course! Please enjoy them!

T-Advisor new improvements: a continuous evolution

T-Advisor is a suite of advanced and professional financial tools accessible to all kind of people. Our commitment is clear: to make easier investments for everyone. This engagement is also related with a continuous review and improvement of our solutions. We did not stop in summer. These are the results.

First of all, we are very focused on the usability of our tools. We have included some new changes to increase the flexibility and the versatility for the users. The speed is also higher. We have implemented these changes in My Portfolio module. When you create a new portfolio, options and filters have been improved to make the process and the searches easier.

My portfolio module in T-Advisor

Other new important change implemented in T-Advisor was the cloning tool in our Model Portfolios module. What does it mean? T-Advisor has 9 different model portfolios: 5 ETF portfolios depending the risk profile and 5 share portfolios depending the market. They are rebalanced every two months and they have always obtained positive results. We make it available the chance to our users to copy them with a simple click.

Portfolio clone tool in T-Advisor

Just choose the icon on the right side and a new screen will appear. Write a name and the amount to invest in this portfolio.

Box to clone portfolios in T-Advisor

As you will check, we are engage in keeping on improving our suite for you. The aim is that you receive the best financial information with the best, flexible and usable tools.

Create a portfolio: organizing my investments

Imagine this situation: you are an investor, you have different assets which have different performances and evolutions in the markets. Think about you have dozens of assets: ETF, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, maybe alternatives… And you cannot find a way to organise and control all of them. Well, the answer is: you have to create a portfolio.

First of all, you have to think about a strategy. The main steps are:

  • Define your goals. Answer yourself: when will I need the money? Consider a strategy for a short-term or a long-term taking into account the volatility and the Value at Risk.
  • Consider your risk aversion. An investment is always risky. If you choose very volatile assets, you may get high returns… or losses.
  • Consider the asset correlation. Uncorrelated assets help reduce losses.
  • Think also about how often you will control your investments: every week, every month, every three months. It should be related with your goals. Consider changing your asset allocation and rebalancing your portfolio.

My portfolio in T-Advisor

T-Advisor provides you a tool to create your own portfolio. The steps to do that are very easy: after defining your investor profile (depending your risk aversion, from very conservative to aggressive), just follow the steps in this video tutorial.

Then you will find a great deal of information to analyze your investments, as performance, risk and diversification. You can also review the investment movements that you have done, buying and selling assets.

My portfolio charts and data in T-Advisor

But what are the main advantages of creating an investment portfolio?

  • You can allocate different kinds of assets to protect you against volatility. A portfolio helps you structure your investments in order to diversify and reap benefits.
  • It helps you plan your finances. Think about that you are saving money for different milestones in your life: a house, the studies of your children, your retirement. You set a portfolio with a certain investor profile to get certain returns in order to achieve your performance goals.
  • You can rely on a passive investment style. Once you create a portfolio, you do not need to change your assets as a day-trader, but just rebalance them every certain period of time, if necessary.

T-Advisor is ready to cover your investor needs. Our tools report you about the main figures and data from stocks, ETF and funds from many markets around the world, so that you can choose the best for your interests and design the suitable portfolio for you.

Portfolio optimizer: a tool to improve your investments

Investors organise efficiently their portfolios to obtain the highest returns, but a portfolio has to be followed up, because some adjustments are sometimes necessary. The problem is how to detect the best changes to get the profit goals. That is why T-Advisor developed the tool “Optimizer” for this target.

Optimizer T-Advisor

In the Optimizer, the investor can choose the expected return and volatility depending the term (shorter or longer), as the percentage of acceptable volatility and the weight limits per assets. Clicking on the “optimize” button brings the results.

From the beginning point and the chosen settings, the tool calculates different parameters. The efficient frontier is a visual comparison between the current position and the optimal one, linking volatility and performance. The investor can also learn which assets should be changed in their weight to optimize the returns.

At the end, investors have a helpful tool to adjust their portfolio and adapt their assets to the changing market. What are the main advantages of this tool? Well, first of all, it lets combine different risk limits (volatilities) with different terms of expected returns. The result is that the investor can choose amongst different possibilities depending his or her interests or circumstances.

Secondly, it is helpful to discover correlated and non-correlated assets. With this information, the investor can reduce the risks and maximize the returns. Moreover, the tool lets the investor decide about which positions should be enlarged and which should be reduced to obtain the targeted performance.

To sum up, T-Advisor Optimizer is an easy visual tool that reports the investor about the changes to be done in the portfolio to get the best results. The main advantage is that the tool has different settings available so that the investor can choose which one fix to their particular requirements: the freedom in one click.

Smart benchmark, an automatic reference for your investments

Investors do not focus just on one stock, but in many of them. Moreover, investments usually organise in portfolios with several kinds of assets: stocks, ETF, mutual funds… With such mixture, it is difficult to follow the composite performance, if the investor do not have available the right tool.

For these cases, we have to follow the benchmark. What does it mean? The benchmark is the reference for your portfolio. It is an easy figure to be reported whether your portfolio is on-track or in the opposite way to achieve your performing target.

Let’s have a look at this picture from T-Advisor:

Smart benchmark with other figures in T-Advisor monitor

What information do we have available? First of all, we have the performance of our portfolio from the beginning of our investments and from the beginning of the current year.  Below it, we have the benchmarks from the indexes where we have assets in our portfolio and… the smart benchmark.

Smart benchmark is a functionality provided by T-Advisor for its users. You do not have to calculate, because T-Advisor automatically shows the figure. What information do you get from it? It mixes the different indexes benchmarks in the proportion you have in the portfolio and obtains a composite benchmark. So, you can compare if you are on-track or far from the performance you are looking for and from the market trend.

But you get still more in T-Advisor with smart benchmark. You can also compare the portfolio risk with the benchmark risk, comparing performance, volatility, value at risk and shape ratio. These figures report accurately to take decisions about your own investments: am I wrong with my investments? What should I change?

Smart benchmark in portfolio risk T-Advisor monitor

Finally, it is to underline that T-Advisor has developed this tool so that every user has at his or her disposal an automatic reference to compare the evolution of his or her portfolio and take the best decisions to maximize the investments.