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Professionals can implement T-Advisor as their customer platform

T-Advisor provides its suite of investment tools for individuals and for professionals. In the second case, an advisor or an entity obtain several extra specific features to better develop their business and offer a high-level service for their customers.

In this way, T-Advisor can be implemented as an own investment platform with their own corporate identity.

T-Advisor home as a platform for professionals

Why is this relevant for your business? First of all, you will have available for your customers a system with powerful tools to manage their portfolios. Secondly, your customers will see your brand and they do not perceive that they are monitoring their investments with T-Advisor.

T-Advisor screen as a platform for professionals

As platform users, your customers will watch all figures and data about the portfolios that you have created for them. You do not have to invest any time else to write regular reports, because T-Advisor shows the same information daily updated. Your customers will enjoy the chance to monitor their investments every time. This provides a new way for interaction, as the customer will feel safer watching their portfolios when they want and professionals can be focused in other value-added tasks instead of updating the portfolio reports.

T-Advisor screen as a platform for professionals

This is the advantage of automation in finances. T-Advisor has its platform available so that advisors and entities can find a new way to:

  • communicate with their customers,
  • reduce costs,
  • focus on value-added tasks and
  • improve the efficiency of their business.

The implementation is simple and causes no trouble or interference with their systems. Professionals also can provide the access to their customers with an easy step from their administration role.

Benefit now from implementing T-Advisor as your platform for your customers!