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T-Advisor arrives in Mexico

Pictures from T-Advisor event in Mexico

T-Advisor, the suite of investment tools for all, arrived in Mexico. In a recent conference for Mexican professionals, our General Manager, Mr. Jaime Bolívar, explained the features and the usability of T-Advisor. He insisted in the accuracy of the data, the easiness of the use and the focus on the investors’ needs.

Mr. Bolívar also introduced the new T-Advisor 3.0 development, where social features were implemented to create an investors’ community. People interested in finances are looking for quality information and data, good tools and interesting opinions, said Mr. Bolívar. He also insisted that T-Advisor is a multichannel solution, as the access is possible through computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Another relevant subject in the event was the use of T-Advisor by professionals, as a platform to manage the client portfolio of any adviser. Our country manager and partner in Mexico, José Luis de la Plaza, pointed out that technology has opened the door to reach a client segment that was not profitable for many advisers before. T-Advisor, as a professional platform, is the solution to reach clients with a little portfolio with competitive fees. Mr. Bolívar added that T-Advisor tools are a support for advisers to provide a better service for the clients.

The event underlined the relevance of our company in Mexico, where our solutions are a reference since 2009. The country is also a reference for our company, as we already have several projects in the financial sector, where our tools and features have been implemented.

T-Advisor is a suite of online investment tools. Anyone can build his or her own portfolio, manage it, obtain full reports from the portfolio and the assets, access a large list of thousands of assets from any important market in the world and receive alerts to react to market variations. Our new 3.0. version opens the door to the exchange of opinions and investment ideas amongst the users, so that a new community can be created.

T-Advisor, the reference for professional investors

Jaime Bolívar, T-Advisor general manager

“The secret of the wealth management lays on quality accurate data and exceptional technological performance. This is the real compass for professional investors”, says Jaime Bolívar, general manager of T-Advisor.

Bolívar speaks in the interview with the passion of an entrepreneur who always looks beyond in technology and finance. “Financial tools have to be accessible, easy to set, with clear charts and figures. We are living a time in which Internet has opened a lot of sources and some people says that you can find all kind of data for free. But information for professionals has a price. We are offering tools with accurate data and systematic analysis for a very competitive price”.

Since the launch of T-Advisor, the solution has two different packages: for individuals and for professionals. “We set this two packages because we really believe that finances have to be available for all. Everyone has the right to invest with high-quality tools, follow up their results, take decisions to change and rebalance their investments. A world controlled by a privileged group who has access to information and understand it to act in the markets is over”.

With the professional package, T-Advisor offers an advanced suite for professionals with several advantages: open amount of portfolios, up to 100 positions, 20 year historical data, reports, watchlists, alerts, risk analysis, investment alternatives, portfolio optimizer and a costumized universe for stocks and funds. Amazing? There is more: advisors and wealth managers have also financial planning and investment proposals tools. They can manage their customers’ investments in all the process.

“We have a long experience in technology and finance with very important players in the sector. We are the answer to professionals’ demands for good tools with a reasonable price. We contribute to improve the sector competitiveness and to open the market for new players. Think about a new advisor or a little advising company. T-Advisor is for them, but also for bigger players who opt for saving costs”, explains Bolívar in his office in Madrid.

Bolívar mentions that the professional package is free for a month with all the features, so that everyone can be sure what is paying for. “We are really sure that the professionals who try it will stay long with us”. So confident, because he knows what he has.

Check the professional package in the T-Advisor website.