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Link a portfolio with a financial target in T-Advisor

We usually write about how to create a portfolio, how to manage it, where to invest or how to include changes in our investments. That’s fine, but we cannot forget that we build and manage a portfolio to reach a financial goal. It can be to buy a house or a car, to save for holidays or the studies of our children or just because we look for a higher return or diversifying our wealth.

T-Advisor last upload tries to cover that point. We have already written about our investment planner, but we missed in that moment a point in which we have work later: how to link that plan with your personal portfolios. You can do it now with a simple click. We explain it easily at the beginning of this video:

Video about linking portfolios and financial goals

A bar reports also if you are on track to reach the target. A relevant point is that you obtain a list of several figures about your goal and its balance. The system is also flexible, because it implements two tools:

  • An edition tool to change the portfolio linked with your goal at anytime.
  • A chart to compare your current portfolio allocation with the ideal portfolio allocation for your goal obtained in the planner.

Comparison of portfolio allocation in investment planner

Investments must have a meaning, because nobody invests for nothing. We all have dreams and aims to satisfy and they need money to be accomplished. Investment is a way, but smart investors need the right tools to obtain them successfully. T-Advisor has developed these tools to complete the global process, so that any individual can plan their goals and assign a strategy to achieve it. Now it is your time. What are you waiting for?

Choose your financial target and create your strategy to achieve it

Investing is a serious activity. It is not lottery or gambling. When you invest, you do it with a specific financial target: your retirement, your house or just obtaining good returns for your money. In any case, you cannot choose your investments hazardously, but with a strategy.

T-Advisor investment planner main screen

The T-Advisor investment planner helps you select your target and obtain a strategy in four easy steps. In the module “My targets”, click on “New Plan” and the pop-up will propose you up to 7 different targets: investment, housing, studies, car, vacations, health and retirement. Every plan has its own specific settings to properly adapt the results.

Retirement plan settings

The system will ask you for your risk profile to select a comfortable strategy for you from conservative to dynamic. The risk is linked to the proportion of equities you are ready to accept in your portfolio. If you have doubts, the tool offers you an easy questionnaire to define it.

As a result, you obtain a projection with the expected returns and the best and worst scenarios. The tool also adds settings to evaluate the tax and inflation effects.

Investment planner projection

At the end, the system proposes you a generic allocation linked to product categories, not with specific funds, shares or ETFs. After that, you can create your own portfolio following this proposal.

Investment planner result

Does this kind of tools make sense? Absolutely. They are very helpful for every investor, as it show the chances of obtaining concrete results for a specific period. It is a tool to avoid false projections or dreams. In investing, it is important to be realistic, as you are using your own money. Investments are always risky and past performances do not guarantee future returns, as classic disclaimers insist. That is why investors have to use tools to plan and organise their portfolios.

One of the main troubles that we find in average investors is the absence of plans. They have money, but they do not know what to do with it or how to allocate it. This indecision has a negative effect: their money loses purchasing power and they do not profit from possible positive evolutions in the financial markets. They are losing in both ways.

With an investment planner, people can be aware of their chances to achieve the target, organise their finance globally, perceive the progress and change the strategy, if it is not working. This is the purpose that T-Advisor supports as a model: investors have the control over their financial decisions with the best tools for free.

Don’t miss the new improvements in T-Advisor!

T-Advisor, the self-directed platform for smart investors, is always evolving to improve its features for a better service. Our last upload has included several details to enjoy more the investment experience. Let’s discover them!

My targets

The new button in the module “My investments” is our investment planner. You will be able to save your plans while creating your portfolios to achieve the goals.

Invesment planner integrated in T-Advisor

New comparisons for your portfolios

Compare them with the smart benchmark and other benchmarks of different markets.

New improvements in T-Advisor: several benchmarks

You can also compare your portfolios and also with others that you follow. Returns, risks, positions, asset class distribution and gamification features are comparable with this tool. It will help you learn what is working and failing taken into account other portfolios.

Tool to compare portfolios in T-Advisor

New ways to find good investment ideas

We have developed a “top score” tool in the “My Reseach” module. You can select four different top stocks (Europe, Asia, USA and Latam) and two different top funds (fixed-income and equity).

Top score tool in T-Advisor

If you prefer, you have a full search machine in “Screener”. Look for new securities for your portfolio selecting the type of asset, market, manager, currency and asset class. You can also select a score range for your search.

Screnner in T-Advisor

With the Screener, you can add directly an asset in your portfolios, compare securities or use the optimiser tool.

We become more social

Do you want to know who are the best investors in T-Advisor? Or the best performing portfolios? You can learn it just with a click on the button “Ranking” in the topside of your screen.

Users ranking in T-Advisor

T-Advisor wants to become your platform for your investments. We know what individuals demand and add solutions progressively in our system. At the end, you feel continuously that you manage your portfolios with professional tools, but we have made it easier and more accessible. Feel the investment experience with T-Advisor!

Investment exercise: planning for a car or for holidays

We usually think that investments should have a purpose for big matters, as retirement or housing, but we can also organize them to other goals: a new car, because you need it to go to work, or dream holidays with your family for a special event. Why not? It is your money and you decide how to spend it. But before you must plan how to save and where to allocate your investment.

T-Advisor investment planner will help you do it. First of all, you have to answer some questions, mainly:

  • How much money you need to save
  • The timeframe you plan to save that money
  • How much you already have and the monthly amount for the plan

Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner

Be realistic about you ability to save depending your incomes and taking into account possible unforeseen events. You should always have some funds for these circumstances. As you have answered these questions, our planner will ask you for your risk profile. Are you risk lover or risk averse? The more risk, usually the more chances to obtain higher performance, but also to suffer dramatic drops. When you think about it, be aware of the proportion invested in equities, as it is the compass to evaluate the risk. For instance, we will select the moderate profile:

Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner: risk profile

We finally obtain the result. It is an expected projection. In this case, the result reports that the chances to achieve the goals are between 50% and 75%. The projection reports not only about the expected evolution (that takes into account historical behaviours), but also the best and worst scenarios.

Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner: projection

You can always change the parameters to obtain a new answer. This flexibility helps you learn about your real chances. Be honest yourself and then you can get the plan that suits your situation. In the advanced settings you can also implement the inflation and taxes effects.

Last step proposes you a possible portfolio with a proposed allocation in different sectors. No specific product is recommended.

Planning a car in T-Advisor investment planner: proposal

Similarly, you can do the same exercise for dream holidays, for you children studies or for health needs. Our investment planner helps you organize your financial goals easily and with flexible tools, so that financial planning will be in everybody’s hands.

Discover the new improvements in T-Advisor

T-Advisor is a suite of advanced and professional investment tools for individuals and advisors. As a technological solution, our team is always working to improve features and usability. We know that perfection is impossible to reach, but we work as it isn’t, so that our users could not find any other better solution than ours.

What are the main last improvements? Firstly, the performance chart in your portfolio. You can choose the period to compare your portfolio with the smart benchmark and you can also select another chart to see the portfolio valuation.

T-Advisor improvements: performance chart

Portfolio performance chart in T-Advisor

T-Advisor portfolio valuation chart

We have also improved our list of assets, setting categories to find the ones you are looking for. The list has deeply grown: 41 world stock indexes, more than 100 international fund managers, 20 exchanges, as also bonds, certificates and currencies.

T-Advisor asset list

We have also implemented a new module: our investment planner. We proudly announce this implementation, as we have set an easy-to-use tool: up to 7 different plans (from housing to retirement) and advanced settings to take into account inflation and tax effects. At the end, you obtain a report with a suggested allocation depending your profile and a capital projection for the selected period of investment.

T-Advisor investment planner home

T-Advisor investment planner projection

In our version for professionals, the upgrade focused in the usability to manage clients and the performance figures related to their investments.

This is not the end. T-Advisor is steadily working to develop new features and settings and include a better usability. Our aim is that our users feel totally satisfied managing their investment with us. So many tools just for 0€? Of course! Please enjoy them!

Gamification: investments are a serious game

One of the multiples changes produced as a result of the development of Internet is the use of games in non-gaming fields. That is known as gamification. Through this idea, several companies try to promote certain behaviours or uses amongst its customers.

How to use it in investments? There are some ways, as points, badges or the fulfilment of a line with several processes, for instance. From the very beginning, T-Advisor has used it for the portfolios. Every user receives a score to learn about how well he or she is doing with his or her assets.

Gamification in T-Advisor with score

Gamification in T-Advisor with tools for score

This score has a double purpose: to report about the quality of the portfolio related to some ratios and to motivate the user to research into our tools to improve the results. At the end, more points will also mean a better performance.

Our commitment with gamification as a useful strategy for our users will continue. The score is just the first step. We are going to add soon a new module for investment planning that proposes also gamification tools. Investments have always a purpose: retirement, a house, a car, a journey… Aims are so different as people are. The idea of our planner is to help people focus their personal targets just fulfilling several steps. Doing it in an enjoyable way will motivate and increase the personal engagement.

Gamification with investment planner in T-Advisor

This will not be our last development in this direction. The addition of gamification tools in serious areas has succeeded to develop personal skills. This is our internal goal: that our users develop their investment skills in an easy way taking into account our advanced suite full of relevant data for them.