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Market opportunities by T-Advisor: Federated Investors

T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company Federated Investors, listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as an opportunity for investment.

These are the main figures about performances and volatility in the last years:

Federated Investors main figures in T-Advisor

The chart shows the evolution in the last year:

Federated Investors chart in T-Advisor

The technical analysis reveals also more data:

Federated Investors technical analysis in T-Advisor

Finally, the risk analysis is as follows:

Federated Investors risk analysis in T-Advisor

Federated Investors is one of the US largest investment managers with $352.3 billion in assets under management. The company delivers 132 domestic and international equity, fixed-income and money market funds, as well as a variety of separately managed accounts. Federated Investors’ product line is distributed through approximately 7,700 financial intermediaries and institutions who assist investors in meeting their unique objectives.

Company’s revenues went down 7.1% in 2013, till $878.3 million. Net income also fell 13.7%, till $162.1 million. Share has overtaken highest price in December, 2009. The trend is upward since the lowest point in December, 2011. The price has doubled in this period.