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T-Advisor, the reference for professional investors

Jaime Bolívar, T-Advisor general manager

“The secret of the wealth management lays on quality accurate data and exceptional technological performance. This is the real compass for professional investors”, says Jaime Bolívar, general manager of T-Advisor.

Bolívar speaks in the interview with the passion of an entrepreneur who always looks beyond in technology and finance. “Financial tools have to be accessible, easy to set, with clear charts and figures. We are living a time in which Internet has opened a lot of sources and some people says that you can find all kind of data for free. But information for professionals has a price. We are offering tools with accurate data and systematic analysis for a very competitive price”.

Since the launch of T-Advisor, the solution has two different packages: for individuals and for professionals. “We set this two packages because we really believe that finances have to be available for all. Everyone has the right to invest with high-quality tools, follow up their results, take decisions to change and rebalance their investments. A world controlled by a privileged group who has access to information and understand it to act in the markets is over”.

With the professional package, T-Advisor offers an advanced suite for professionals with several advantages: open amount of portfolios, up to 100 positions, 20 year historical data, reports, watchlists, alerts, risk analysis, investment alternatives, portfolio optimizer and a costumized universe for stocks and funds. Amazing? There is more: advisors and wealth managers have also financial planning and investment proposals tools. They can manage their customers’ investments in all the process.

“We have a long experience in technology and finance with very important players in the sector. We are the answer to professionals’ demands for good tools with a reasonable price. We contribute to improve the sector competitiveness and to open the market for new players. Think about a new advisor or a little advising company. T-Advisor is for them, but also for bigger players who opt for saving costs”, explains Bolívar in his office in Madrid.

Bolívar mentions that the professional package is free for a month with all the features, so that everyone can be sure what is paying for. “We are really sure that the professionals who try it will stay long with us”. So confident, because he knows what he has.

Check the professional package in the T-Advisor website.

Are you financial advisor? These are your tools!

Financial Advisor functionality picture in T-Advisor

T-Advisor is a software suite with a wide range of different tools for investors. The aim of T-Advisor is providing accurate, updated and relevant figures and data for agents in the financial system. We do not only think in particulars or individuals, but also in advisors, who will have access to all tools and an enlarged set of services. We have developed powerful tools to help advisors provide the best service to your customers.

T-Advisor for financial advisors offers a customized asset universe, so that professionals can choose and change the portfolios depending the situation and taking advantage from the best performances. The access to historical data is enlarged up to 20 years, so that advisors can perceive detailed trends from the assets they are interested in. We also give the chance to manage up to 100 portfolios, which is a reasonable number to design different solutions depending the customers’ profile.

But our main strength is our financial planning tool. Advisors may set a goal for the different customers in the short and long term. The tool also provides a savings plan to obtain the projected performance. First of all, professionals can set the investor profile, depending the risks ready to be assumed. T-Advisor has defined 5 different profiles, from more to less risk aversion: very conservative, conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive.

After defining the profile, the financial advisor accesses to different products recommended for him or her. The tool shows many kinds of charts, as the asset allocation or the performance and risks analysis. For instance, T-Advisor calculates automatically average performances for different periods, volatility and value at risks, amongst other functionalities. At the end of the process, advisors obtain a proposal report about the designed portfolio for the customer.

Of course, T-Advisor lets the professional watch, follow up, analyze and rebalance portfolios. Our strength lays on our deep knowledge of advisors’ tasks, needs and interests. We have developed a tool adapted to their daily work, making it easy, automatic and with a high-quality information so that professionals can react immediately to any market change. We are aware that technology is at people’s service and T-Advisor has been developed at investors’ and advisors’ service.

Advisors and technology, the next alliance

Advisors ideas. Picture from T-Advisor

Advisory industry faces the challenge of technological evolution. Currently, customers are connected to Internet, they look for news in well-known media, comment articles from experts and (why not?) discuss the decisions of their advisors, because the follow the market.

Are advisors a kind of old-fashioned job or to be extinguished? Absolutely not. But the profession has to take into account some changes to deal with. First of all, advisors have to be on the social networks. Do you know that the use of social media increases with wealth? People are demanding not only for information, but also for a more often personal contact through the networks or communication software (think about Skype, for instance), not limited by a certain appointment in the office. If you are on, you are in.

But the biggest challenge is how to deal with online advice. The industry expects that this will be an important trend, as the biggest competitors will come from this side. That is a logical perception, taking into account that brokers expect to see mobile trading’s share rise to 21% in 2016. Particulars, common people, will have available powerful tools to manage their investments on their own, but advisors will learn to get technology as an ally, because software for advisors will be more useful and adapted to customers’ needs and expectations.

After this description, will the customer forget the advisor as a needed expert to choose the best for his or her money? No. Customers will take surely more decisions on their own, but they will always need an expert in a world with difficult products, as the finance world is. Recently, James Pershing, partner in SunGuard Consulting Services, said in an article (subscription required) that the point to be successful in the advisory industry is communication. How? Speaking the same language. And again, how? Easy, having the same screens, the same information, the same charts, the same figures, and helping your customer with your deep knowledge to get the best choices and obtain the highest performance.

Tools as T-Advisor has this focus: it does not intend to eliminate the advisor, but reinforce his or her job through versions for common people and professionals, so that all speak the same language: an efficient wealth management.