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Managing portfolios: beat these challenges and get your medals

T-Advisor, your suite to manage your portfolios and improve your performance, has created a system to award their users, as we already commented in a former post. This system in the user profile displays several challenges to achieve. Specifically, four of the eight global achievements are related to the results of your portfolios.

If you structure your investments in portfolios, you can obtain better results, as you are providing a focus to them. Portfolios can be organized by sectors, countries, currencies… In any case, they are created to get advantages of a collection of several assets. In T-Advisor, we think that these actions have to be awarded.

Medals for portfolios in T-Advisor

You get more points and medals, if you complete more individual goals in every achievement. For instance, as you can see in the picture above, you obtain points with positive returns, but there are others, as diversification, positive trend or score. At the end, you obtain a sum of points that measure your ability to manage your investments. This ability is ranked. The more points and medals you obtain, the higher your position is.

Ranking for portfolios in T-Advisor

In fact, portfolios have their own ranking. There are also several community options. You can set your portfolios as public clicking in the portfolio profile and you can follow other users’ portfolios. Users can view the structure of the portfolio, but never the amount that you have invested. They can also see your returns as a proportion, but never the absolute quantity.

Portfolio profile in T-Advisor

At the end, what do you receive? The more medals as a user and as a portfolio manager bring you the chance to be in a higher position in the ranking, but the most important thing is that you obtain accurate marks about your ability in finances. The achievements provide you some hints to follow that every investor should always consider: good returns, good trend and wide diversification. Do you accept the T-Advisor medal challenge?

The Olympics in Fintech: T-Advisor 3.0. medals

Some gamification features in T-Advisor

T-Advisor has recently launched its 3.0 version for its users. It was a milestone in the development of our tools, as the new version includes gamification features. We believe that some ideas for games are very useful to learn, motivate and evolve in finances. That is why we adopted them in T-Advisor. Every user has access to several medals depending on the goals that the person complies.

There are 8 global achievements:

  • I use the T-Advisor features
  • I take part in the T-Advisor community
  • I am an active T-Advisor community user
  • I have basic financial knowledge
  • I learn to invest
  • I diversify my investments by myself
  • I manage my investments properly
  • I am an expert manager of my investments

Each achievement has some tasks to fulfil. Some of them depend of users’ interactions with the system, as uploading a profile image, create portfolios, write a comment in your wall, follow another user or invest a part of your portfolio in our weekly-recommended investment opportunities.

Some tasks to fulfil an achievement in T-Advisor

Other tasks depend on what the system detects in your actions and profile, for instance, if someone clicks “like” in a comment made by you in the wall, if your portfolio has a bullish trend or has achieved different temporary performances (1 month, year-to-date, 1 year) or if the volatility is within your risk profile limits.

You get points and medals. The more you get, the higher position you obtain in the ranking. You can compete with other T-Advisor users and compare you position in the ranking by points, followers and scored portfolios.

You can discover all these features in “My profile” page in the T-Advisor platform. You can follow what medals you obtained, how much points you have, what features you have to fulfil to complete an achievement and your global position in the ranking.

Ranking by points in T-Advisor

This is our particular Olympics in Fintech. T-Advisor promotes the financial training for everybody through its platform, because we really believe that investments should not be only for very rich people, but for everyone who has interest in getting a better return for the savings.