T-Advisor is a suite of online tools that allows to easily manage your portfolio. No matter what level of experience you may have.

Make better informed decisions with purpose-built analytics tools. My Portfolio, T-Report, WatchList, Portfolio Optimizer, Investment Opportunities, My T-Advisor, Investment Planning.

We take the best of the financial technology industry and merge it with the most effective financial advisory services.

Who we are

TechRules is leader in integral solutions for financial advice. Our experience and drive to innovate are the cornerstones on which we have based our work for over 20 years. That allow us to design the most cutting edge and effective solutions.

Our Mision

We make profesional wealth management tools available to the entire investing community.

The Group

Family owned business. Product oriented and organic growth.

  • ETS: asset management factory specialized and implementing tailor made objective investment strategies
  • Quipu Technology: Cloud computing, mobility and business intelligence.
  • TechRules: Financial consultancy and the most advanced technology in Wealth Management


Objective and unbiased, TechRules is not related to any financial group.