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Managing portfolios: beat these challenges and get your medals

T-Advisor, your suite to manage your portfolios and improve your performance, has created a system to award their users, as we already commented in a former post. This system in the user profile displays several challenges to achieve. Specifically, four of the eight global achievements are related to the results of your portfolios.

If you structure your investments in portfolios, you can obtain better results, as you are providing a focus to them. Portfolios can be organized by sectors, countries, currencies… In any case, they are created to get advantages of a collection of several assets. In T-Advisor, we think that these actions have to be awarded.

Medals for portfolios in T-Advisor

You get more points and medals, if you complete more individual goals in every achievement. For instance, as you can see in the picture above, you obtain points with positive returns, but there are others, as diversification, positive trend or score. At the end, you obtain a sum of points that measure your ability to manage your investments. This ability is ranked. The more points and medals you obtain, the higher your position is.

Ranking for portfolios in T-Advisor

In fact, portfolios have their own ranking. There are also several community options. You can set your portfolios as public clicking in the portfolio profile and you can follow other users’ portfolios. Users can view the structure of the portfolio, but never the amount that you have invested. They can also see your returns as a proportion, but never the absolute quantity.

Portfolio profile in T-Advisor

At the end, what do you receive? The more medals as a user and as a portfolio manager bring you the chance to be in a higher position in the ranking, but the most important thing is that you obtain accurate marks about your ability in finances. The achievements provide you some hints to follow that every investor should always consider: good returns, good trend and wide diversification. Do you accept the T-Advisor medal challenge?

Weekly market opportunities in T-Advisor: the best on July, 27th

T-Advisor updates weekly a list of market opportunities from several stock exchanges around the world. We sum up a selection of the best ones:


  • Bilia (Stockholm). A Scandinavian car chain with 97 facilities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark that offers car sales, service and supplementary services.

Bilia main figures in T-Advisor

Bilia chart in T-Advisor

  • Wienerberger (Vienna). The world’s largest producer of bricks and supplier of clay roof tiles, concrete pavers and pipe systems with 204 production sites in 30 countries.

Wienerberger main figures in T-Advisor

Wienerberger chart in T-Advisor


  • Cascades (Toronto). The largest recycled paper collector in Canada, and  a leader in the production and conversion of corrugated products, tissue paper and specialty products in North America.

Cascades main figures in T-Advisor

Cascades chart in T-Advisor

  • Kimberly Clark Mexico (Mexico). The Mexican subsidiary of the American personal care corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products.

Kimberly Clark Mexico main figures in T-Advisor

Kimberly Clark Mexico chart in T-Advisor


  • Fenerbahce Sport (Istanbul). A Turkey-based company that manages the sporting, educational, legal and economic activities of the professional football team run by the Fenerbahce Sports Club in Turkey.

Fenerbahce Sports main figures in T-Advisor

Fenerbahce Sports chart in T-Advisor

  • Century Textiles (Bombay). A trendsetter in cotton textiles and also has a remarkable presence in the yarn, denim, viscose filament rayon yarn, tyrecords, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, salt, cement, and pulp and paper industries.

Century Textiles main figures in T-Advisor

Century Textiles chart in T-Advisor

Find more opportunities from the main exchanges in the world on our module “Market opportunities” in T-Advisor.

United Kingdom: in the crossroads about the EU

United Kingdom has opened widely its economy since the beginning of the conservative governments in the 80s to become a service and financial country. Canary Wharf shows daily the strength of the financial services and also the crossroads in which the country lives its relationship with the European Union. Banks prefer to stay, but some part of the population does not find the advantages of being there. That’s why Prime Minister David Cameron promised to organize a referendum about this subject.

The political development has been surprising in the recent years: the first coalition government since the WWII, the creation of a far right party (UKIP) with relevant support in an always politically not radical country, the Scottish referendum about its independence from the Kingdom. Now, tories obtained recently the majority to govern alone, the UKIP lost quite a lot support and Scottish nationalists have seen how their wish to be independent disappeared with their surrender in the referendum, although they keep the strength as a party in Scotland.

New Cameron’s cabinet will pass a budget with cuts on the spending side, aligned with the traditional conservative policy. UK emerged strongly from the economic crisis: there has been a hard correction in the housing market, the unemployment is very low (around 5%) and the economic outlook for this and next year proposes a GDP growth higher than 2%. Interest rates will remain low, as the Bank of England promoted exceptional monetary policies as other central banks in the world. A rate hike is only probable from 2017.

What was the stock market evolution in the last five years? Volatility was high, but the evolution was very positive between May 2012 and May 2013. Then the FTSE 100, the main index, has moved between the 6.500 and 7.000 points.

5-year chart of FTSE 100

If we consider the evolution of the returns since 2010, the T-Advisor chart is as follows:

5-year return in FTSE 100

What are the companies with higher 1-year returns in the London Stock Exchange? This is the selection of the ones with returns over 100%. All are related to the services sector: tourism, replacement vehicles, gifts, pharma, distribution and restaurants.

6 best companies in London Stock Exchange

On the other side, the main losers are mainly energy and industrial companies. The companies with 1-year loses over 70% are an investment company, a pub chain, a mobile banking service and three companies linked to energy and mining:

6 worst companies in London Stock Exchange

UK is a country with a strong development in financial economy and that’s why there are several investment opportunities in the stock exchange. T-Advisor has a steady model portfolios with British assets rebalanced every second month. The portfolio has always had strong figures, as we show below:

United Kingdom model portfolio in T-Advisor

UK is a country with lots of opportunities for investors. They have a developed financial branch and markets and the economic environment is positive for this business. The only shadow is the evolution of the relationship with the EU, as it is its main market. A “Brexit” is not very probable, but it can bring uncertainties in the next months… and uncertainties are not very welcome for money.

Weekly market opportunities in T-Advisor: the best on July, 20th

T-Advisor updates weekly a list of market opportunities from several stock exchanges around the world. We sum up a selection of the best ones:


  • Inditex (Madrid). One of the largest fashion retail groups in the world with eight brands and over 6,460 stores in 88 markets.

Inditex main figures in T-Advisor

Inditex chart in T-Advisor

  • Kesko (Helsinki). A retail store chain with operations in groceries, home improvement, speciality goods and car and machinery in eight countries in Northern Europe.

Kesko main figures in T-Advisor

Kesko chart in T-Advisor


  • Apple (Nasdaq). One of the main hardware and software providers worldwide.

Apple main figures in T-Advisor

Apple chart in T-Advisor

  • Great West Life (Toronto). A a leading Canadian insurer, with interests in life insurance and health insurance, investment, retirement savings and reinsurance business, primarily in Canada and Europe.

Great West Life main figures in T-Advisor

Great West Life chart in T-Advisor


  • Grasim Industries (Bombay). An Indian building materials manufacturing company.

Grasim Industries main figures in T-Advisor

Grasim Industries chart in T-Advisor

  • Qantas (Australia). Australia’s largest domestic and international airline.

Qantas main figures in T-Advisor

Qantas chart in T-Advisor

Find more opportunities from the main exchanges in the world on our module “Market opportunities” in T-Advisor.

Download T-Advisor 3.0 for your iPad now

T-Advisor, your app to monitor and manage your portfolio investments, has already the 3.0 version for iPad in the AppStore. The new app provides you an improved version of all the tools that you already enjoy in T-Advisor and our new social and gamification features. Just take your iPad and enjoy the investment experience. What can you do now in T-Advisor?

T-Advisor for iPad profile

The screens have a new more user-friendly and flat design, easy to navigate and find all the information that you require for your investments. You can customize your profile uploading your most preferred picture and identifying by your own nickname. You can also obtain ratings from other users to improve your reputation in the community.

T-Advisor for iPad ranking

Our social and gamification features provide you the chance to compete and compare you results with other members of the T-Advisor investment community. Get medals for every achievement that we propose you! The more medals you obtain, the higher position in the ranking you get.

T-Advisor for iPad portfolios

Your portfolios will also be rated by our score and include in the T-Advisor portfolio ranking. You can set into private or public your portfolio to share just some details of your investments with other community members. In the case of your portfolio is public, you can get followers.

Besides, you can receive alerts and messages with any kind of news for your profile, as new medals, new messages from other users or new followers.

T-Advisor for iPad portfolio figures

The new T-Advisor 3.0. for iPad maintain all our traditional tools to manage and monitor your portfolios:

  • Full reports of your investments with all the main figures and charts to take relevant decisions.
  • T-Reports from thousands of securities to assess the best ones for your investments.
  • Our alerts module to set all relevant messages to react to any market movement.
  • A list of investment opportunities and our model portfolios that you can clone in a click.

Discover T-Advisor 3.0 for your iPad and download it now from the AppStore. Enter, browse and discover all our new features and what technology can do for your investments. Join our investors’ community!

Weekly market opportunities in T-Advisor: the best on July, 13th

T-Advisor updates weekly a list of market opportunities from several stock exchanges around the world. We sum up a selection of the best ones:


  • Novo Nordisk (Copenhaguen). A healthcare company specialised in chronic diseases, as diabetes, haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity.

Novo Nordisk main figures in T-Advisor

Novo Nordisk chart in T-Advisor

  • Lagardere Groupe (Paris). A content production and distribution group with the third world largest publishing house, several media and a wide network of press distribution and duty-frees.

Lagardere Groupe main figures in T-Advisor

Lagardere Groupe chart in T-Advisor


  • Cerner (Nasdaq). A company specialised in solutions for the health care industry, as medical devices and clinical systems for drug production.

Cerner main figures in T-Advisor

Cerner chart in T-Advisor

  • Cetip (Sao Paulo). A company that offers services related to registration, central securities depository (CSD), trading and settlement of assets and securities.

Cetip main figures in T-Advisor

Cetip chart in T-Advisor


  • Aselsan (Istanbul). A corporation that produces tactical military radios and defense electronic systems for the Turkish Armed Forces.

Aselsan main figures in T-Advisor

Aselsan chart in T-Advisor

  • Telstra (Australia). The leading provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones and broadband internet in Australia.

Telstra main figures in T-Advisor

Telstra chart in T-Advisor

Find more opportunities from the main exchanges in the world on our module “Market opportunities” in T-Advisor.

Stock exchanges: something is changing in the financial landscape

Have you ever thought about the evolution of the financial markets since the beginning of the century? If we take some figures, we can get some ideas about the deep changes in this landscape.

Let’s begin, say, for the global market capitalisation. If we take the figures from the World Federation of Exchanges, it multiplied 3.5 times from 2003, January, to 2015, May. That means, in dollars, from 20.3 trillion to 70 trillion. This evolution has taken place when the world experienced in the middle of this period the worst financial and economic crisis since the 1930’s. The most amazing evolution happened in Asia (more than 6 times, from 4.3 to 26.3 trillion).

The number of stock exchanges has also jumped from 44 to 73 markets around the world. This figure is interesting, because there were two trends in this timeframe: several mergers in the developed countries and new exchanges in emerging markets. In Asia, there have been five new markets created in these years, and 9 more in the Middle East.

Another data to take into account refer to the stock market ranking by market capitalisation. Although NYSE maintains the top 1 in the whole period, there are 4 markets from Asia in the top 10: Shanghai and Shenzen have joined the group formerly composed by Tokyo and Hong Kong. The capitalisation of both Chinese exchanges soared from 0.5 to 10 trillion in 12 years. There has been also a deep evolution in the Indian markets (from 0.2 to 3 trillion), although not so amazing as in China. This is the top 25 in 2003 and in 2015.

Ranking top 25 largest stock exchanges

Another interesting trend to get from the Stock Market statistics is related to the assets traded. Do you know how many ETFs were traded in 2003, January? Only 48 and almost the half were traded in Japan. And in 2015, May? 6,872 ETFs. In these years, Japan does not play almost any role and the kings in the ETF trading are NYSE, Deutsche Börse, Swiss Exchange, Euronext and Mexico, in descending order.

And finally, what is the asset that registered a fall in the listing? Yes, bonds. The number of listed bonds fell down a 37%, from 68,304 in 2005 to 43,043 in 2015. Korea and India are the main issuers, with more than the 50% of the listed bonds.

Regular news is sometimes a trouble to find the deep streams that are moving finances. There are relevant changes in regions and financial instruments. We are living an interesting period.

Weekly market opportunities in T-Advisor: the best on July, 6th

T-Advisor updates weekly a list of market opportunities from several stock exchanges around the world. We sum up a selection of the best ones:


  • Continental (Frankfurt). One of the top 5 automotive suppliers worldwide.

Continental main figures in T-Advisor

Continental chart in T-Advisor

  • Ageas (Brussels). A Belgian insurance group with business activities in Europe and Asia.

Ageas main figures in T-Advisor

Ageas chart in T-Advisor


  • Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (Mexico). One of the two airport operators in Mexico, with 12 airports in the Pacific region of the country.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico main figures in T-Advisor

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico chart in T-Advisor

  • George Weston (Toronto). The largest food and drug retail company in Canada, with 2,300 stores and 200,000 employees.

George Weston main figures in T-Advisor

George Weston chart in T-Advisor


  • All Nippon Airways (Tokyo). A Japanese passengers’ airlines.

All Nippon Airlines main figures in T-Advisor

All Nippon Airlines chart in T-Advisor

Find more opportunities from the main exchanges in the world on our module “Market opportunities” in T-Advisor.

Global market trends: markets in the second quarter

Trends in the second quarter of the year have been dominated by the Greek crisis. After the election of left-wing party Syriza, Greece and the UE tightened the negotiations about the payment of the debt. The result is already known: Greece defaulted the IMF. The crisis is not only for the Greeks, but also for the whole European system, as one of the partners of the Euro did not follow the established rules. What will be the next? Referendum in Greece? Grexit? New elections? The future is more open than ever. We can read several articles in the media with both positions blaming the troika and the Greek government for the current situation.

Regional global trends in T-Advisor

Generally speaking, there are some differences between the market evolution in US and Asia, on one side, and Europe and Latam, on the other side. The evolution in Europe swung depending the news around Greece, what has altered a regular trend: sudden ups and downs happened when somebody came with a new statement or rumour. Above all, investors in Greece did not experience the best results, as this T-Advisor chart shows:

5-year Greek stock exchange evolution

In Latam, the troubles in the stock exchanges are linked with the strength of the dollar. These countries are very dependant from commodities and exports are being punished by the strong greenback, that rises against all currencies as the Euro weakens and the US Federal Reserve considers hiking rates.

The more positive regions are US and Asia, but the improvement in the markets has also shadows. Asia is the region where there are more alerts. The overheated Chinese stock exchange in this year has begun to fall severely. Recent measures, as a rate cut, were not enough. Shanghai has felt a 25% since the peak on June, the 12th, and the effects are still to watch.

5-year Shanghai stock exchange evolution

Finally, US plays with strong figures and the stock exchanges are counting them. However, there are still doubts about a possible rate hike, because the Federal Reserve stated that they need more evidences about the improvement of the labour market. The next job reports in US can be decisive to preview the chances of an increase of the rates, which will can move strongly all markets (stocks, debt and currencies). Well, investor, be ready, because the road has bends.