Are you an investor? Here are some advices

Thinking about investments? Some advises by T-Advisor

Are you an investor? How long have you been investing? Maybe recently? You should have to take into account some advices to avoid any fail:

  1. Analyze your risk tolerance. That is the first step in T-Advisor. You have to answer some questions to know your behaviour related to the chance of losing money. Some people are very risk averse and their profile is conservative. Others are more aggressive and accept more fluctuations. This profiling is very important to decide the products you are going to invest in.
  2. Decide the amount of money you invest. How to decide it? Analyze you incomes and expenses. You should have always money to cover the regular expenses, set some apart for unexpected expenses and some cash. With the money left, you can decide your investment. We underline this: invest always the money that you do not need for regular expenses. The amount is not very important: you can begin with $1,000 (or euros, pounds or the currency of your country).
  3. Set a goal and an investment horizon. Why do you decide to invest? Do you think in a car, a house or a long-term investment for your retirement? Be realistic. Do not build any false dreams. Patience is an investor attitude: results are not coming from one day to the next.
  4. Learn something about finances. No, we do not recommend you to attend a postgraduate or read think handbooks (you may do it, of course), but you have to become familiar with some expressions: performance, returns, volatility, trend… T-Advisor has several hints to make these concepts understandable. This vocabulary will help you take better decisions, as you will be able to look for appropriate products.
  5. Find the right platform for your interests. The market offers now several ways to invest. There are self-directed platforms to invest on your own in products as shares, funds and ETFs and set your portfolio. Others offer model portfolios depending on your risk profile. In T-Advisor, you have both. Select the one in which you feel more comfortable.
  6. Be wary with news and experts. Do not let be influenced by sudden events, market fluctuations or positive/negative comments from experts. Investment is a long-term way. You can be a day-trader, but that is a job in its own. We speak today to current people with some money left to invest. Follow your strategy, target your goal and do not react with panic. Fluctuations are usual. Of course, you should rebalance every certain time to adjust your portfolio, but not according with sudden reactions. That will not avoid losses. On the contrary, it maybe creates more than you would like.

These are simple but effective advices for investors. We will soon write about the most important concepts to take into account when deciding a product to invest in.

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