Market opportunities by T-Advisor: Tianjin

T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company Tianjin, listed in Hong Kong Exchange as an opportunity for investment.

These are the main figures about performances and volatility in the last years:

Tianjin main figures in T-Advisor

The technical analysis reveals also more data:

Tianjin technical analysis in T-Advisor

The chart shows the evolution i the last year:

Tianjin chart in T-Advisor

Finally, the risk analysis is as follows:

Tianjin risk analytics in T-Advisor

Tianjin is part of the state-owned Chinese conglomerate TEDA Investment Holding. Its main scope of business covers regional development and real estate, public utilities, manufacturing industry, financial industry and modern service industry. In 2013, the sales revenue of the company was RMB 83.0 billion Yuan and the total asset was RMB 225.9 billion Yuan. Share price multiplied three times since the beginning of 2013.

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