Global market trends: markets in June

Global market trends in June were a bit more bullish compared with May, as investors received positively the messages from the main central banks. These institutions are still very important in the market confidence and sentiment, because the economy does not have definitive recovery signals.

Market trends in June in T-Advisor

In the case of Europe, the ECB decided finally to use the artillery against the low inflation and, behind that, the risk of deflation. Chairman Draghi already gave a clear hint in the May meeting, what was not typical from the institution. The decisions, however, were welcomed but disappointed partly the markets, although even the Germans supported them. Investors want a European quantitative easing as in US.

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This quantitative easing is coming to an end at the other side of the Atlantic. Mrs. Yellen cut in every meeting US$ 10 bn and in June she did it again, but there is no reaction in the market about it. The important is the Fed outlook about US growth, because it has to do with inflation and rates. And Yellen still sees some clouds. Investors are sure that a rate increase will not take place for a very long time and this outlook push up US indices to records.

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Crossing Río Bravo to the South, the earthquake comes from Argentina. The country, which was quite bullish in the last months, received suddenly an unexpected hit from an American court. Argentina has to pay the hedge funds or declare the default. On the contrary, Mexican stock exchange is moving very positively.

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What Asia refers, China economic data are better or not so bad as expected. That helps the markets in the continent. Also India, the most bullish in the T-Advisor ranking, is profiting from the high expectations of the new government. On the contrary, the long electoral process in Indonesia is affecting negatively the local stock exchange.

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