How to get and manage warning signals for investments

Timeline T-Advisor

An investor has to watch steadily his or her investments to avoid risky situations in which money can be lost. For these situations, the point is how to get the right information to react immediately. It is impossible to follow every minute all the markets. That is why T-Advisor has developed a tool with several kinds of alerts and warnings signals for its users.

Think about you are looking for a new investment opportunity. You have some fund available, but you have not much time to search. T-Advisor launches for you some investment ideas after analysing your profile and your portfolio with this information:

Opportunity investment alert in T-Advisor

But what if you are missing the moment in which your positions are closed to a stop-loss price with a setting that you previously chose? T-Advisor sends you a message to your e-mail with an alert like this:

Stop-loss alert in T-Advisor

Moreover, users can choose in the T-Advisor alert tool amongst several warnings to be reported: apart from stop signals and investment opportunities, you can set trend changes, risks alerts or portfolio positive or negative performances since the beginning of the year. Look at, for instance, if a position changed in its trend:

Trend change alert in T-Advisor

T-Advisor has a main goal: to have at users’ disposal the best information about their investments and positions so that they choose the best for their money. We are convinced that information is our more valued weapon to success in markets. But we are sometimes overloaded from data and figures. T-Advisor selects the right information to ease the decision-making process. In this process, alerts are also very important to react in the right timing. This tool focuses in this point.

As T-Advisor user, we recommend you to take your time in setting all the available tools. The time you are using at the beginning is not wasted, but is helping you to save later not only time, but mainly money.

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